“Exercise is Medicine” truly hits the nail on the head in mostly all settings but especially in regards to the cancer population.

There are a number of causes for substantial muscle loss while living with and beyond cancer.
πŸ‘ŽΒ acceleration of the aging process
πŸ‘Žthe disease process itself
πŸ‘ŽΒ cancer treatment side effects
πŸ‘Žalterations in the endocrine system
There is also an associated inverse relationship that exercise has on those causes!
πŸ‘deceleration/reverses the aging process
πŸ‘reduces cancer treatment side effects
πŸ‘may improve disease-related outcomes

πŸ‘promotes healthy endocrine functioning

Empower yourself, your family member or friend and/or your patients to move and exercise in any way possible! Every little bit counts!!