Many times the aches and pains we can experience may be a result of our tendencies to have improper posture based on our day to day activities that include use of our phones, computers and sitting for prolonged periods of time.
Common back pains can be addressed when certain muscles are strengthened and/or lengthened leading to an improved posture. Improved posture allows one to function correctly throughout the day as well 💃👍 and not exacerbate imbalances even further (should they be present).
An exercise professional can provide a valuable assessment of your posture and functional movements in order to pinpoint these imbalances and make an Individualized exercise plan for you so you can start moving pain-free! 🙌🙌
When #livingwithcancer back pain may mean something more. You should always consult with your oncology care team if you are experiencing any new aches and pains.