What DOES your muscle mass do for your metabolism?!
Metabolism is the ability of your body to take what you consume and utilize it as energy.
Lean body mass can contribute to a better metabolism. Your muscles (part of your lean body mass) are constantly working to maintain and remodel muscle proteins.
Even during sleep, your RESTING skeletal muscles are responsible for >25% of the body’s calorie use!!
When muscle mass is lost, your resting metabolic rate decreases and the calories you consume (your body’s energy source) are then stored as fat mass.
When you participate in a resistance program, it causes an improvement in your muscle mass. Which then causes an improvement in your resting metabolic rate and thus decreases fat mass stores.
When you complete resistance training, there is an increase of 8-9% of your resting metabolic rate for 3 days following your workout!
Exercise for Metabolic Health!