What is rounded shoulder syndrome and how does it relate to the breast cancer population ⁉️🧐🤔

A study found that 7 out of 8 breast cancer patients reported issues with upper extremity mobility. This makes sense because..

First off, having rounded shoulder posture is common in those who work at a more sedentary desk job and just generally because of the populations’ increased use of technology products.

This is when your chest muscles are overactive or tight so much so that your shoulders are rotated forward. This posture deviation causes lengthening or weakening of your shoulder and back muscles since the chest muscles are hyperactive.

If you have breast cancer, you become more at risk for this posture deviation because the surgical and radiation treatments target the chest area.

This is SO important because one needs to correct these muscle imbalances in order to have full range of motion in the upper extremities. If one does not, they may be more at risk for injury and pain with movement which can then impair one’s ability to complete activities of daily living.

Think 🤔🤔 Straighten before your Strengthen‼


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