Up to 75% of those living with breast cancer have a hormone receptor positive trait and may be placed on hormonal treatment after chemotherapy, radiation, surgery.

Hormonal treatments improve overall disease free survival but come with side effects that can cause one to discontinue treatment early if they are too debilitating.

Some of the most common side effects are:

🔹️Muscle and joint pain and stiffness

🔹️Changes in body composition

🔹️Mood swings

🔹️Decreased quality of life

Studies looked at how exercise programs could help these side effects in this population while on hormonal treatment and found that, yes, it could!..

🔸️Improve muscle and joint pain and stiffness

🔸️Improve lean body mass

🔸️Improve mood stabilization

🔸️Improve quality of life

Get moving today to help improve your ability to tolerate treatment and your overall quality of life!

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