There are some principles that go along with exercise programming..
The principle of reversibility is pretty self-explanatory when you look at it as the “if you don’t use it, you lose it” principle. Essentially it is saying that any improvements in fitness that were made during an exercise program can return to pre-training levels if said training program stops. You’re not using those muscles, you’ll lose the strength that you built up.

We all know that❗LIFE HAPPENS❗ and it is impossible to keep up with a training program consistently, 100 % every single day, all the days of your life. While this principle seems like we are committing a major fitness sin if we stop a training program, it actually teaches us a couple of
other things. . . 👍🤓
🥇Encourages us to pursue exercise/physical activity as a lifelong, healthy habit rather than a short term benefit. Overall, adopting a “move more, sit less” approach in our day to day will help during those program breaks.
✌We also have the ability to REVERSE the regressions from being inactive by getting active again! Even if you have not exercised in years, you can still reap the benefits of restarting a program.
3️⃣ Be mindful of your current functuonal status when resuming a program. Do not feel guilty of where you are and where you used to be. Life is crazy with turns that we do not expect and we cannot put ourselves down by comparing ourselves to others or our past self 10 years ago.
‼️Always remember: It’s never too late to start to get active again ‼️
Going through treatment or just ending and needing more guidance on an exercise program, I’m here to help! Send me a message through the “contact us” page! 😊🤝💪