🤔 What if exercise had the ability to change a tumor’s environment and/or help deliver systemic treatment more efficiently. 🤔

Researchers are thinking about this! And a HUGE shout out to them for doing all the behind the scenes work and investigation that lead to breakthroughs in cancer treatment. You are all the best! 🙌🙏❤

Effects of exercise training on tumor hypoxia and vascular function in the rodent preclinical orthotopic prostate cancer model 

This preclinical study investigates if exercise can cause a change in the tumor’s environment that decreases tumor hypoxia. 



Let’s break this study down. . . 

🔸️Preclinical studies are done prior to clinical trials in humans in order to collect data and support the safety of the new treatment. 

🔸️A hypoxic environment is one without enough oxygen to sustain normal life. 

🔸️Cancer is not a normal circumstance and thrives in these hypoxic environments. 

🔸️The degree of tumor hypoxia can be associated with risk for recurrence or progressions in certain cancer types. The higher the degree of hypoxia, the higher the risk. 

🔸️In this study, exercise was shown to decrease tumor hypoxia and improve oxygen and blood supply to the tumor site. 



These are promising results because . . . 

1️⃣if more aggressive tumors are associated with this hypoxic environment, exercise may have the ability to alter that environment and result in a less-aggressive tumor.

2️⃣if blood supply to the tumor site can be improved through exercise, would this help deliver systemic treatments more efficiently? 


‼ Let’s not forget all the great benefits that are proven with exercise training such as decreased cancer-related fatigue, anxiety and depression as well as improved physical functioning and quality of life. ‼

Help combat cancer at the cellular level while also reaping these proven benefits – sounds amazing to me! 💃💃💃

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